Changi Point, Such A Rich Shore!

by Endy
Day 1 (9 June 2012)
I was having my late dinner after doing some sketches.
Suddenly, Whooshhh… Whooshhhh… Whooshhhhh… all my papers were blown far deep into the living room.
Quickly, I closed all windows, but the strong wind still whistled very loud through the little gaps of the openings. Soon, heavy rain started to fall.
“ Tomorrow is our formal outing. Hmm, what if the rain won’t stop? No! this won’t last long! it will stop in the morning! ” I told myself.
When I woke up at 4:30am, it was still raining. I was quite worried. NEA’s weather update showed light rain all over Singapore.
“ It will certainly end soon “ I comforted myself and continued my preparation for the trip.
But then again, at about 5:45am it was still falling! A few SMSes came in asking about the trip.
Haiiihhh… and so, I had no choice but to cancel the trip. All the queries were replied and at 6am a notice was put up on the web page to let all know.
The low tide of that day was quite a good one, not easy to find one on Saturday.
A lot of works were also done for the planning of this outing. We were all so excited! and many members even bought boots for the outing!
“ Does this mean I have no chance to see my favourite sea creatures??? No………….!!! I must go! “
And so, I still went there to have a look.
When I reached the meeting place, at 7am, the rain was still falling. But Destine, Kelvin, Xiong ge & wife, Joe, and Cathy came down to join me, too.
These are some of our most persistent Macro shooters in the society  Smile  .
The rain poured heavier at 8am, but fortunately twenty minutes later, it became a mere drizzle. And all of us decided to go down to the site.
We explored the shore, despite the drizzle.
It was difficult, as one of our hand was holding umbrella and the other one was taking photos. Luckily, the rain stopped at about 9:20am.
We had so much fun that day! and were able to find:
at least 3 species of sea urchins, 2 species of starfishes, mantis shrimps, flower crabs, swimming crabs, a dead moon crab,
stone crabs, porcelain crabs, hermit crabs + a very big spotted hermit crab, elbow crabs, many little horseshoe crabs, cowries,
gong gong and other sea snails, colourful sea cucumbers, hard corals, little scallops, gobies, toad fish, wrasse,
collarworms, sea-squirts, fan shells, sea pens.
Look at the photos below! The shore is simply very rich!
Photos: 1. Biscuit starfish, 2. Red sea cucumber, 3. Hard coral, 4. Millet Cowrie, 5.Thorny sea urchin, 6. Black sea urchin, 7. White sea urchin,
8. Shadow goby, 9. front view of an unidentified crab, 10. Flower crab, 11. Purple legged swimming crab, 12. Stone crab,
13. top view of the unidentified crab, 14. Elbow crab, 15. Blue swimming crab, 16. Striped hermit crab.
Note: 1, 3, 8, 12, & 14 were taken by Cathy. 2, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 15, & 16 were captured by Destine. 6, 9, & 13 were recorded by Endy.
My favourites from the trip were:
-the beautiful Millet cowrie,
-Xiong ge’s discovery of spiral melongena (sea snail) laying eggs,
-Destine (the underwater girl) showing us the feeding moment of a sea cucumber,
-an unidentified crab (identity is required), it was lying motionless on top of green sea weed. The crab was probably feigning dead.
-a beautiful brown striped wrasse in shallow water, we put it into a deeper pool later and it disappeared into the mud.

All of us We had a very happy busy morning : ).

By 11:25am, all of us were all exhausted. We headed to a coffee shop nearby for lunch.
Below are some happy photographers with their subjects :
Photos: 17. Destine & sand sea star, 18. Cai Yixiong & spiral melongena, 19. Cathy & Brown striped wrasse.
Day 2 (10 June 2012)
After returning from the trip on day 1, an invitation was sent (to the members who registered for the formal outing) by attaching
some of the interesting photos taken by Destine, Cathy, and me to encourage them to join us the next day.
Allan, Sharon, Hazel, PT Lee & Family, Anthony, Pui Hoon, Yan Leong, Destine, Cathy, and me showed up at the site on Sunday morning.
This time, besides the many sea creatures that we found on day 1, we saw :
many little octopuses (they were very active), estuarine moray eel, brittle star, colourful sponges, fan worms, flat worms,
a big mantis shrimps (discovered by an iMOG members who happened to be there), marine fishes, a big snapping shrimp,
and more species of crabs.
Here are some of the photos taken :
Photos: 20. Top view of a Hairy crab, 21. Lumpy pink sponge, 22. A Goby , 23. the Drills , 24. Front view of the Hairy crab, 25. Fan worm, 26. Flat worm, 27. Pipe fish, 28. Stone crab under rock, 29. Leaf Porter crab, 30. Porcelain crab, 31. Mantis shrimp, 32. Stone crab in hole, 33. Close up of Leaf Porter crab, 34. Elbow crab, 35. Moon crab.
Note: 20, 30 were taken by Yan Leong. 21, 23, 25 were taken by Sharon Song Lim.
22, 27, 28, 31 were taken by PT Lee. 24, 26, 29, 32, 33, 34 were taken by Allan. 35 were recorded by Endy.
All participants had a great time, below are some example:
Photos: 36. Allan & Moon crab, 37. Sharon & Purple Climber crab, 38. Yan Leong & Domed Elbow Crab, 39. Anthony & Leaf Porter crab.
The most interesting subjects of that Sunday were:
-2 handsome looking toad fishes.
-Hairy crab, it looked very cute. Destine informed us that divers called it a “teddy bear crab”.
-a big spotted moon crab, it was quite fierce and could burry itself under the sand in a very short time!
-leaf porter crabs, Anthony and Allan had some good close-ups on them.
-a rare species, the Domed Elbow Crab (cryptopodia forcinata) was lying almost dried up on top layer of thick green
seaweed (most of the muddy shore were covered by thick green seaweed, during that weekend).
We put it back into water. It has a carapace like a box crab covering all its legs but with the arms of an elbow crab.
At first, I thought I finally saw a box crab. But Yan Leong, later after the outing, found and informed us its correct identity.
The toad fishes are master of camouflage and have very interesting faces. Allan and Destine even found a parasitic worm attached on one of the eyes.
Photos: 40. Camouflage by Yan Leong, 41. Front view of a toad fish by Yan Leong, 42. Close up of Toad fish by Cathy, 43. A Parasitic worm on the eye by Allan.
At the end of the outing, we had a nice lunch together, full of laughter at the coffee shop nearby.
Changi Point is truly a wonderful shore! Hope to bring the society to the place again!

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