About us


NPSS is a registered photographic society in Singapore. It was formed in 2000 by a group of nature photographers. Our Society is made up of volunteers from all walks of life. Over the years, we have the privilege of seeing many new and “beginner” photographers improving their photographic skills after joining our Society. Today, we have a paid-up membership of more than 140. With the aim of creating an interest in preserving the beauty of the natural world through photography, we welcome every nature and photography enthusiast to join us in this endeavour.


The aim of NPSS is to promote photography of nature and the preservation of the natural environment through:

  • General nature photography for the nature enthusiast and educationist to record nature objects.

  • Competitive photography for those interested in upgrading their photographic competencies to an international level.

  • Creating greater public awareness of our natural surroundings through our photographic images.

  • Building up a long term rapport and relationship with organisations involved with the promotion of nature photography

and the preservation of nature.


Our activities include the following:

  • Monthly local photographic outings with full guidance for beginners in nature photography

  • Web based photo critique via our forums

  • Beginner and intermediate nature photography course

  • Talks on various aspects of nature photography, including of sharing of field trips by members and professionals.

  • Overseas photographic shoots at locations renowned for its rich and abundant nature subjects.

  • Competition and/or exhibition