The Committee

The society Annual General Meeting “AGM”, the highest deciding body, elects members for its committee, the “ExCo” responsible to day-to-day management of the society and execute its mandate. Members of the ExCo are elected for one year, except the Treasurer (2 years).

In March 2016 the AGM elected its 2016 ExCo with the following members

CW is one of the founding members of the society, although he wasn’t always acting as the president, he greatly contributed to make the society one of the pillars of Singapore’s nature lovers eco-system and its reputation of responsible and ethical behavior makes it a model to follow.

CW is chemist by training and works as chief scientist in a Singapore based leading company.

Chris is an avid bird and wildlife photographer, since arriving in Singapore in 2009 he has greatly progressed in his bird identification and knowledge as well as his photographic abilities, thanks to the Society support as well as lots of practice! He is often seconded by his wife and daughter also avid birders.

Upon joining the ExCo, Chris endeavored refreshing the NPSS website, modernizing its infrastructure and introducing new technologies for the benefits of the Society members and to facilitate its administration.

When not shooting or coding web, Chris has a demanding job in a major foreign bank in Singapore.


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