PP – Kim Seng is waiting for details of your sightings as he just sent me an email this morning. I will take the liberty to submit your full name, date & location of sightings since you have given your consent when you pm me yesterday.

Thanks for taking the initiative. I thought I had pm-ed Kim Chuah yesterday, but this morning when i checked my sent-box, there was no such mail sent. So, I send again a pm this morning. I think KC is not around as he has not opened the PM message yet. I dont have KS/KC’s emails addresses.

I post two more record shots of the bird for viewing, all shot on the same date/sighting….Not great as bird photography, but maybe as record purposes, these will do……the first shot was taken at 9.35am. Together with me that day, was another photographer – David Tan – maybe he has better images of the bird.

SNPY 2017 Scoreboard UM
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  1. _LPP0254NX _2009-09-02_49 (2).jpg

  2. _LPP0256NX _2009-09-02_51.jpg