Now its time to add the layer mask on the top and middle layer. Select the top layer via the dashboard on the right. You can only do this 1 layer at a time

SNPY 2017 Scoreboard UM

SNPY 2017 Scoreboard UM

Repeat this step of adding a layer mask for the the middle layer

Now once you have added the layer mask on the top 2 layers, you are now ready to erase the top unfocussed layer to reveal the sharper focussed areas below.

1. Select the top layer mask icon as shown in picture 7…the small white blank rectangle
2. Select the Eraser Tool E from the tool list on the left
3. Adjust the eraser diameter accordingly…not too big not too small with a soft edge
4. Now start erasing the blurred section on the image, you will start to see a sharper image reveal itself after you erased the blurred section
5. Continue the same process with the middle layer by selecting the middle layer mask.
6. Areas that you have erased will show up as black areas in the layer mask icon.
7. Once you complete revealing all the in focus areas…..merge the layers and flatten the image.
8. Walla…….great DOF image as shown in Pic 9.

  1. Picture-6.jpg

  2. Picture-7.jpg

  3. Picture-8.jpg