Cai, Yixiong

1. Bird drop crab spider (Cyrtarachne bufo, female):
The mimicry ability of this crab spider to a fresh bird-drop is amazing! Such camouflage has resulted in a better survival rate for the spider. NK D200, FL 180mm, 1/6s-F/22, ISO 400, Manual, fill flash, m -1.7ev, r -1.3ev, MLU, tripod. Venus Drive, Singapore, 4 Jan 2009.

2. Western Australia Landscape: Field View
FL 12mm, ISO 400, 1/400sec-F/8, Aperture Priority, polarizer, on way from Hyden to Perth, Western Australia, 20 Sept 2008.

3. Australian Darter (Anhinga melanogaster, female):
This sea bird has an interesting behavior of spreading out their wings for sun-drying. FL 93 mm, 1/250-F/9, ISO 200, Aperture Priority, EC/; -0.7 ev, handheld with rock as support, Pecher Point, on way from Fremantle to Busselton, Western Australia, 15 Sept 2008.

Thank for organizing the exhibition!


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