Add a few more… ;)

Pic 4 – Lime Butterfly (Papilio demoleus malayanus)
For me, the best time to photograph butterfly is early in the morning. This was taken at 8:46am while she’s still resting.
Otherwise, when the sun is high up they’ll become too active and more challenging to photograph.
SNPY 2017 Scoreboard UM
Pic 5 – Forest Damselfly (Podolestes orientalis)
Most damselflies have their wings close-up when at perch but this particular species have their wings spread out. I like this image because of the silhouette effect which is caused by the bright spot in the background and also the outlines of the damselfly becomes more obvious in this case.
SNPY 2017 Scoreboard UM
Pic 6 – Green Crested Lizard Bronchocela cristatella
This is one of the most beautiful & colourful lizard that I came across. They are always an interesting subject for nature photographers.
I have several encounters of this kind of Lizard before but all of them are not as prestine as the one.
Moreover, it allows me to approach near enough to take a close-up shot.


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