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EXIF: D70, Tamron 180mm, 1.4x TC, f/16, 1/50sec, ISO 1000
Title: Crab Spider
Description: Crab Spiders, they got this name because they resemble small crabs, they can walk forward, backward and even sideways just like a crab. All Crab Spiders have eight eyes; their eyes are small and like motion detectors. Unlike some other spiders, Crab Spiders do not build webs to catch their prey. Instead, they choose to wait quietly to ambush and catch their prey with their front legs, many crab spiders possess potent venoms that can paralyze its prey with a venomous bite.

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EXIF: D70, Tamron 180mm, f/13, 1/400sec, ISO 640, FEC -1.7
Title: Water Lily
Description: Water Lily is a phrase used to describe aquatic plants of the family, . In Singapore, Water Lilies are commonly cultivated in garden ponds; they are rooted in soil with their leaves and flowers floating on the water surface. Their leaves are circular with serrated edges, green colour above and purple colour below. The flowers of certain Water Lilies can be fragrant and can last a few days, some bloom only in the day while others can bloom either day or night.


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