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Rey – I have been a bird-watcher for many years & have help Nature Society in leading Bird Census Exercise & Birding Field Trips. I have done many Projects with Nparks on Avians & other fauna. Besides been appointed an official Birding Guide for Sungei Buloh for abt 2 years, I have led thousands of Singaporean on birding trips registering thru Straits Times News & also thru my nature org for over 9 yrs & upon seeing your photo posted, it did not hold me a second to confirm ID as Paddyfield. For Richard’s Pipit, its also out of question as Richard’s Pipit do not show a loral stripe and it has a longer tail in which your photo did not.

Anyway, to make things convincing, I have a good friend of mine who is Singapore’s well known birder & author of the Field Guide to the Birds of Singapore, Lim Kim Seng giving his take on the ID which is the same as mine. I have provided your photo to him for ID. See below his email extracted for your viewing.

From: Kim Seng Lim [mailto:xxxxxxx@yahoo.com]
Sent: 29 August 2009 13:46
To: leect@pacific.net.sg
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Hi Ben,

Paddyfield Pipit.

Are u available for Admiralty Park on 6 Sep? Census time again. Let me know.

Kim Seng

From: "leect@pacific.net.sg" <leect@pacific.net.sg>
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Kim Seng,

Can you assist in ID of this Pipit. I felt it is the Paddyfield but the photographer think its not. Therefore I need your double confirmation. Photo taken at CCK.