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    I really wonder why in the world Sigma bothers making a lens that most ppl will have difficult carrying, much less handholding… :roll: The young photog in that picture will either have a bad sprain in the back if he continued handholding or cramps in his biceps… :doh_alamak:

    Thanks for the post Hawkeye! The model will surely get more attention than the lens! ;)



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    Check it out….

    Cool. Very macho. :crazy happy:

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    Do not know why, my attention was not draw to the lens but to the female model instead. :oops:

    If I don’t remember wrongly, I think this lens was on show in one of the PC show a few years back.

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    HA HA HA…..

    Ok guys……hope you liked the eye candy:)

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    Wow, that guy carrying the lens look like he has to lean backwards so that the center of gravity is on top of his legs. Feels like if he stand straight, he’ll topple forwards. Imagine carrying this guy around in the trail chasing some elusive birds.

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    you have to have lots of muscles to lift the 15kg lens
    but i’ll gladly lift the model …………..anytime :)

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    :kow tow: the guy.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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