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    any reason why I cant get into archived articles? :(
    no problem assessing articles that are listed by the side bar but not the archived articles .
    it said – i need to log-in…..but I am already logged in ? :? :?

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    I faced the same problem too,
    was trying to access some articles by Edsel Romero but was asked to login :?

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    PP and Richard,
    Was trying to do the same yesterday and faced the same problem. Instead of using the link from Edsel website, go direct to NPSS article page. Scroll down to Archived section … and you will be able to follow those link to the page you want.



    thanks sherwoei!

    in summary – dont use the quick-link on the left bar, but scroll-down the articles webpage to the bottom and the list of archived articles are set out there….and yes, i can access the articles this way..


    Thanks for the feedback. Phek Thong fixed the link and it should work fine now. Thanks Phek Thong.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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