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    Just came back from Phuket, and went to the nearby Khai Nok island.

    First time seeing a black-tip reef shark in the flesh while snorkelling. Guide said to be harmless, and I thought it will be a small baby sharks etc…..but it was LARGE…..and quite exciting when it zip pass me the first time! Guess there was only one there, and in total of say the half-hr there, I saw it 3 times. Kind of hard to shoot as it was really fast, and by the time I see it, it would have gone pass me.

    Nevertheless, these are definitely SNAPSHOTs and not quality shots, but to share them here nevertheless.

    Canon A610 with U/W casing.
    F4, 1/160s

    #1:2nd time it zip pass me, just raised my camera and snap

    #2: 3rd and last time I saw it coming to me. by the time I raise camera, it swam away.

    After the 3rd time, I said enough, and began to worry. What if I cut myself on the corals???? So made my way back….careful not to injure myself….furthermore, I had some scratches previously, so not sure if that would give out any smell!


    Hi CY,

    Interesting to see these sharks, I’d be a bit concerned too :|

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    Any shot showing those massive teeth? :roll:
    Your Safety is more important.

    Profile photo of Tan, Chuan YeanTan, Chuan Yean

    ha ha…..if I manage to show its teeth….you probably find the picture on someone else PC, who picked up the floating U/W camera somewhere….. :D

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    Thanks for sharing your shark pics…these make me miss diving more.

    Just got to say that when you actually see a shark, you’re one of the luck ones (in reference to scuba diving). I have known a lady diver who logged 80 dives before actually seeing a shark. We get this myth that its so easy to see a shark when one dives, but their more shy than we think (well, speaking from my experience).

    Hope to dive soon…maybe you could organize a dive trip for divers in this forum.



    Profile photo of Tan, Chuan YeanTan, Chuan Yean

    Hi art!

    I was snorkelling not diving…..anyway, no diving licence.

    Guess this shark was always around the area as the guide brought us to the ‘place’. I expected it to be at A particular place, but when I first saw it, it swam between the guides and me.

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    Now I can imagine how it looks CY. Didn’t know it is so big, as your guide said it is harmless then you should ask the guide to snap to frontal view…. :D

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    Hi CY,
    Black tip sharks, wow! I really missed those guys. They’re pretty harmless if you leave them alone.

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    thanks for sharing,CY. Despite the guide’s assurance, remember this is still a wild animal. :shock:

    Profile photo of Tan, Chuan YeanTan, Chuan Yean

    Thanks fellas!

    Yep, these are wild animals….thats why swam back after seeing it 3 times! :lol:

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