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    just some questions on binoculars here:

    went to have a look at the binoculars… saw that there were the 8×32, 10×42 etc..


    1. 8×32 means 8x bigger, but what is the meaning of the 32 ?
    2. is 8X sufficient or 10x better?
    3. any difference between a $140 8x and a $350 8X bino ?
    the nikon sportster and montague or something like that… ha ha :)

    one last stupid question: use bino is use one eye to see or 2 eyes to see through?
    i use one eye seems easier, 2 eyes seem weird and seems like there are 2 images, so how to use?? :oops:

    thanks a lot
    eric :)

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    I own a Nikon Sportstar 10×25 and I made the mistake of using Ming’s Opticron 8×32, now I want to change my bino :D
    The 10x stands for 10x zoom and the 25 stands for 25mm lens.
    The bigger the lens the brighter the image. This is some what similar to to aperture, bigger is better.
    My 10×25 cost a modest $130 while the Opticron cost around $800.
    Quality of the lens is quite similar to camera lens, the better ones (which will cost more) will give you better image.
    Nikon Monarch 8×42 is a popular Bino among the birders, current price is around $380-400 in most shop.
    If you want to invest in a mid range bino this would be a good choice.
    Bino is built for 2 eyes view, but in order to do that you must first tune the diopter
    so both eyes can see properly.
    Hope that helps.

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    that’s richard, that was a great help….
    think will start with a basic one first…. was quoted $148 for the sposter though… hmm… time to bargain!! ha ha :)
    thanks again :)


    important aspect to look for in a bino for bird….

    – magnification – you need to test which one is comfortable for you to look through…although bigger mag is better in id-ing the bird, same like long lens, the magnification of your hands shaking is also more….so, some people can get dizzy (bino sick?) just by looking thro a bino… i know casual birders usually go for 8x, but serious birders go for 10x – it is just much wonderful looking at the bird at closer-up/higher mag..(provided you have steady hands)..it made id much easier too if you can see whether the brow ends at the eye or passed the eye….. :D …..

    – field of view – The higher the degree, the wider the field of view and it thus made it easier to spot things. Higher magnification have lower field of view degree compared to the lower mag one – so it is more difficult to find the bird in the tree foliage using a 10x vs using a 8x or 7x……but with lots of practice, it can become quite easy to find target even using the 10x.

    – brightness of subject – the bigger the # of diameter divided by mag (ie the exit pupil #), the greater is the relative brightness – a higher relative brightness can make it easier for you to see the bird features, even in low light and do the ID…(just read the exit pupil # from the detailed specification…)

    other things that i consider in bino is weight and minimum focussing distance – no brainer – i like it light :D …i also like to have as near as possible minimum focussing distance…so that if there is a bird in a nearby bush, i can still use my bino to view it…of course, you can use your naked eye when it is so near, but nothing beats the image that can be produced in a nice, sharp and bright bino……

    Price difference could be extra feature such as waterproof/nitrogen filled feature, any fogging…etc :?

    Bino – use both eyes – otherwise your eyes would be very tired – esp if you are just bird watching. You can achieve one image using both of your eyes by adjusting the "fold" of the bino until you see one image….(sorry, i dont know how to describe this in technical terms…..

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    Just want to add, the difference in price makes a lot of difference in the optics. I got an $18 bucks bino and it looks like one of those mirror lens where the largest aperture is f8.0. No wonder it’s so cheap.


    agree with wei luen – that is why my dream bino is swaroski… :woohoo: :woohoo: Would probably have my dreams come true if i didnt delve into photography…..now, i would be happy if i can get a nikon one even………

    eric – bino can last very long if maintained well – get the best you can afford that is suitable for your specific use, so you dont have to upgrade….good luck. i use the nikon action series for more than 10 years already (although now not functionable) – would like to get a replacement but the newer action series have changed the specification on the minimum focusing distance…so i probably have to target the monarch…

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    That’s a nice piece you wrote about bino, wish I read it before buying my sportstar.
    Now I am itching for a monarch too…… :D


    I made a huge mistake of borrowing JR’s swaroski, now this will be my next investment (Actually no return how to call it investment). :sad wave:



    SC – not all returns on investment has to be in monetary terms one… :nyah nyah: :nyah nyah:

    hope your dreams come true soon – just make sure dont lend it to me to peep thro!!! :worried:

    the accountant :D :D

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    I think one of SC’s dream just came true yesterday morning :D And he didn’t need the binos.

    Eric, I have the opticron traveller 8×32. You can peep through it if you want ;) Cheaper than Ming’s :D


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    Hope you get your swaroski soon so I can peep through it and realize my mistake. :D

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    hi thanks everyone for the input… now i am considering how much to invest in bino…
    really hate to buy a low end one and pay more to upgrade later…

    i tested the nikon 10X monach and a swawoski 10X at the shop 2 days ago…
    honestly, i can’t tell the difference… (don’t know what the difference is) :oops:
    1 costs $500+ and the other $2K… to me, looks the same leh…. ha ha :)

    also, 8X and 10X also looks similar when you are at the camera shop looking at the fast food menu thru the bino… haha :)

    will go and try again before deciding…
    eric :)


    test them at areas with low light – u will see the difference :shocked: ! goodluck



    PP is correct. Bring it to the forest, you will see the difference. For some strange reason the Swaroski seem to be able to brighten the view. I really love that binos (minus the price and weight)


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    Talking about Swaroski now, time for me to get out of here before get poison again :D

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