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    I will recommend a 8x instead of 10x unless you have steady arms. It is much easier to spot birds and there is not much "motion blur". A 8x monarch is a pretty good "investment". If budget is not a concern, go for one that is waterproof. Like what pp said, test them during poor lighting and you will see the difference between a 2k and "cheapo" bino. Unfortunately, most shops in Singapore do not have good testing grounds.

    Don’t peep into a Swaroski scope. You will want to trade your 500mm for it.

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    thanks again… most likely will get a 8X bino then…
    $2k is too much for me to pay now, so will get a non-sawasoki one..
    eric :)

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    Just want to share some info I got about bino from this website.


    I’m thinking of going for cheaper alternative like the Bushnell Legend 8×42. Anybody has any experience with this one?


    very good read from the website posted by WLon selecting & understand bino (thanks!)….(it is a very long read though, but very good :kudos thumbsup: )…the products reviews are very good too, but dont get poisoned…. :twisted:


    Here is one good article from birder point of view:


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    Hi guys,
    I’m travelling to Singapore very soon and so I really need your help please :razz:

    My question is: How much do Nikon Monarch 8×42 (new model) cost to buy in Singapore local shops these days?

    and which are to go shopping for them ?

    Thank you in advance :smile:


    I believe it cast around S$400+/-. You can get them at TK Foto (Funan Centre), Cathay Photo (Peninsular Plaza) or Lords (Lucky Plaza).


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    Thank you SC .. really appreciate it :)

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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