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    Anyone use a trolley camera bag?
    I love birding but hate to lug the heavy bag around, always come back with sore shoulders.
    Thinking of getting a trolley camera bag. I think it’s easier to move around with it’s wheels.
    But these bag cost a lot and I need your feedback before getting one.


    Hi Richard,

    It really depend on your traveling patterns. The trolley type of bag (e.g. ThinkTank Airport Security) is good if you travel (on plane) a lot. The road surface at birding locations are usually not that flat for you to pull the trolley. For local birding, I usually leave my camera bag in the car and set up the gears. I will carry my gears with the tripod on shoulder.

    If you travel overseas a lot with your gears, it is certainly good to have those ThinkTank trolley bag. :kudos thumbsup: My carry-on is usually heavier than my check in luggage. :doh_alamak: :P Imagine if you have a connecting flight and there is no shutter or push cart in the airport, the weight of the equipment can really kill you. :o


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    Thanks for your feed back.
    Problem is I don’t drive and usually have to carry the bag all the way.
    Anyway thanks again.

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    In the same boat Richard! The wheels of the cameras bags whether they are Tamrac, TT or Lowepro are for at the very most concrete pavement use and will not stand up to the rough terrain. I think only cases such as those by Pelican will stand up to that kind of usage. Then again, you will not be able to backpack them that is a problem!



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    Thanks for your reply. After talking to a few people I guess trolley is
    no go, just carry less equipment and buy lighter lens

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