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    Hoping to get some feedback to improve further. Many thanks!
    Esplanade Bridge R.jpg


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    Sorry, forgot to include the image information.
    Here you go: Nikon 700 | No flash | Focal length 66.0mm | Exposure 0.600s | Aperture f/2.8 | ISO 200
    Tripod | Remote trigger



    Hi Songlim,

    Looks good to me except the light reflection on the water is overexposed. For night scene, usually white light is probably not too attractive and harder to expose. Just my 2 cents.



    Many thanks SCF. I think likewise. It’s quite a challenge.


    Yeo, Wee Han


    SC has stated a good point. The whites are too bright and is a distraction. Another main issue is what is your subject here? Is it the bridge? The reflections? The waters? It is important for you to know what you are trying to capture before firing off. If you just like the scene as a whole, then look out for what may be potential distractions such as the overexposure of the reflections, the building on the left of frame, etc. Master the craft of getting rid of unwanted objects within the frame and you will more or less have mastered composition.

    Last but not least, watch your foreground. The blurred strip at the bottom of the frame should not be there so scrutinize every mm of the viewfinder on your next shoot. 8-)

    Hope to see more from you!



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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