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    Rosemary asked me for a list of CS4 keyboard shortcuts, I found a comprehensive guide here for Mac and PC:

    Mac : http://morris-photographics.com/photoshop/shortcuts/downloads/PSCS4_Keyboard_Shortcuts_Mac.pdf
    PC : http://morris-photographics.com/photoshop/shortcuts/downloads/PSCS4_Keyboard_Shortcuts_PC.pdf

    Personally, here are the more commonly used shortcuts for me:

    Zoom in : cmd + (Mac) and Ctrl + (PC)
    Zoom out : cmd – (Mac) and Ctrl – (PC)
    Increase brush or eraser or stamp size : ]
    Decrease brush or eraser or stamp size : [
    Increase brush hardness : cmd ] (Mac) and Ctrl ] (PC)
    Decrease brush hardness : cmd [ (Mac) and Ctrl [ (PC)
    undo/redo (last step) : cmd z (Mac) and Ctrl z (PC)
    undo (history) : cmd opt z (Mac) and ctrl alt z (PC)
    Save : cmd S (Mac) and Ctrl S (PC)
    Copy to new layer : cmd J (Mac) and Ctrl J (PC)
    enter/exit Quick mask : Q
    Invert selection : Cmd shift I (Mac) and Ctrl shift I (PC)
    Free Transform : Cmd T (Mac) and Ctrl T (PC)
    Copy : Cmd C (Mac) and Ctrl C (PC)
    Paste : Cmd V (Mac) and Ctrl V (PC)



    wow…i salute to those that can memorise all that :o !

    Borrowed a book from the library – Adobe Photoshop CS4 – After Shoot by Mark Fitzgerald. I find the book good – not too deep, but good enough for new learners (with low memory space) to appreaciate the tools and practice files can also be downloaded from web. At the end pages of the book, there are also a selective list of CS4 keyboard shortcuts for both Mac & PC.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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