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    Some may have heard me moaning about my many out-of-focus shots with my 500mm lens during the critique session. I was clueless why the photos are mostly OOF – I have already eliminated those culprits such as AF mode, AF type, subject motion ( I took shots of a big rock & still turned out OOF :cry: !) , camera shake ( there were spots in the picture that were in focus), so what else have I not done?

    As I studied my OOF shots last night, I saw "AF Finetune = 0" as part of the EXIF. I surfed the internet on D300 AF Finetune and finally struck gold. The search brouught many links which described my problem exactly.


    Rather than following their steps to do the AF finetuning, I sent all my lens to Nikon service center today since they are still under warranty.

    D300 has a function that you can finetune the AF from -20 to 0 to +20. With my 500mm plus TC1.4x, the finetune figure turned up to +17. :shocked: I guess this is the reason why AF doesnt work on TC1.7x or 2x – no more space to finetune??

    Tested my lens today – AF works MUCH better now :cheers: ..i might still tweaked it a bit as I do more field tests.

    Just sharing the experience – probably this is kindergarten stuff, but then, I only have an idiot-proof degree :P

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    Good to know you find the way.
    If I remember correctly, I once mentioned it to you. :nyah nyah:


    well, if i remember it correctly too, you might have said something, but my immediate problem then was carrying the lens, not photographing the birds… :nyah nyah: :D

    p/s thanks! any other things that i might have missed out hearing? :kow tow:

    Good to know you find the way.
    If I remember correctly, I once mentioned it to you. :nyah nyah:

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    Haha! Good for you and ready to go for FH Peacefuldove! :razz:





    Great that fix your problem. Now it really will be the person behind the camera and not ht lens in front of the camera that matters. :D :D


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