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    I recalled it was drizzling prior to the Fireworks display. The wind was not strong. The Fireworks shot up one after another. Lots of smoke in the air. This picture was taken from the hotel room. The initial "blast" … Do let me know how I can improve on this photo with thanks.

    Nikon D60 | No flash | Focal lenght 18.0mm | Exposure 2.300s | Aperture f/6.3 | ISO 100
    Esplanade Fireworks R.jpg


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    Hi Songlim18,

    Nice fireworks. I am not an expert in shooting fireworks, I believe you will need to have a sturdy tripod, remote trigger, MLU and the setting to get the building and fireworks properly exposed. From your photo, the building seems to have some blur, was that caused by unstable tripod? A little sharpening (smart-sharpen or USM) will help.



    Thanks again SC. You could be right. I was using a "mickey mouse" tripod at that time. :roll: Have since changed to a Manfrotto. :)


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