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    Last weekend was Aquarama 2009, the premier Aquatic event held once every two years.
    Held at Suntec City, the place was packed, photography was quite difficult as the tank were full of finger prints,
    people were pushing here and there. I managed to fill up 1 cf card, but most shots wasn’t that good.
    Here’s a few to share. Hope you like it.
    Arowana. Canon 40D Tamron 17-50 f2.8. ISO800 f8.0 1/125s 41mm. bounced flash

    Discus. Canon 40D Tamron 17-50 f2.8. ISO800 f5.6 1/50s 45mm. bounced flash

    Gold fish. Canon 40D Tamron 17-50 f2.8. ISO800 f4.5 1/50s 50mm. bounced flash

    Sorry the background is a bit messy.

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    Richard, beautiful,esp #2.



    Nice aquarium shots! I like #1 the best! :kudos thumbsup:



    Very nice shots, Richard! My vote goes to #2 too :smile:

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    D, YX, Anthony,
    Thanks for your comments. I started out shooting fishes.
    Always have a special place for them. :)

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    Wow … my vote for pic2 Leopard as well. Wish to have a pair in my tank.


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    Nice fishes Richard. Too bad didn’t have a chance to visit aquarama this year. Anything special there?

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    #1 is my pick. loved the contrast of the gold against the black b/g.
    I was there at the suntec last weekend, but was at the 4th level book fair :D.
    tks for sharing. :peace:


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    Thanks, #2 is a Leopard Snake Skin Discus, they are now very affordable as the rage now is albino discus.

    Thanks, should have made a trip up, lots of nice aquatic stuff, but only if you are interested in fishes :)
    Saw this very beautiful cory, some new variant molly and platy. Got some blue Ram and some never seen before fishes.
    Marine section is very good this year and more albino arowana.
    Gold Line Cory



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    Wah Richard! Din know you are crazy about fishes also! And this is the first time I missed Aquarama since the 1990! :cry: :cry:

    Anyway, I really like the Arrowana shot…the black background just works so nicely! Hoped it was this background for the discus!



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    Arrgghh!!! Richard, you just have to post the gold line cory don’t you?? Now I can’t get them out of my head. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Worse still, I have an empty tank at home I was just going to dispose. Now I am having second thoughts.

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    Thanks. I have been keeping fishes for many years now, hehehe
    The Arowana is quite easy to take, just a lot of PP to darken the BG
    and remove some reflection.

    The Gold Line is swee, right? But I think hard to get, new here.


    Richard – i love # 1 too – mostly because the bg complements the arowana very well…feels like a free fish……..# 2 is a really beautiful fish, but the fish tank visual makes the image less impactful….guess this one is not that easy to pp away the tank? :?
    (p/s thanks for the posting – didnt cross my mind of using bounce flash for these situations….)

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    I don’t think gold line is new. Been here for at least half a year or so but I never get to see it in the local fish shop. I reckon if I do see them, I’ll get a tankful of them. :D :D :D

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    Thanks, for #2, maybe can try to copy out the discus and paste on a more natural background? :)

    Was informed by illumnae that it’s quite new here,
    maybe not available in the shops, but farm have?

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