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    Just sharing some sightings of flocks of birds during my trip.

    #1 – Bear River Bird Refuge, Brigham City, Utah. If you can imagine this image being shot with a 500mm lens, you would realise how far these birds were…Their cries could be heard faintly and it is so tempting. Public were not allowed access to those ponds (not sure whether the hunters with duck hunting permit were allowed entry or not :huh what: ) … I have no idea what these birds were…..ducks? geese? or other waterfowls?

    #2 – Fruita State Park, Fruita, Colorado. This is another faraway scene. The dark "clouds" swirling in the sky was really interesting to watch. It was a huge flock – but by the time I could set my camera on it, most of the birds have rested on the empty tree branches, which you can see at the bottom of the frame. Again, I have no idea of the specie of the birds.

    #3 – Idaho Falls, Idaho. The falls are within the Idaho Falls town. Folks come in the evening with their children to feed the geese (mostly), ducks and seagulls even. Lots and lots of geese. :crazy happy: This is just one section of the scene. Interestingly, these Canadian geese like to crowd and stand at the edge of the falls…..Why?? :huh what: I dont know.

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    Nice, I like #1 & #3.

    You went to Idaho Falls? I missed that place, how is it like?


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    Hi PP
    I like #3!!

    Loong Tat


    When I looked at the title I said "Great, PP found a birding heaven at her hometown"! :woohoo: …. :D

    3rd image is really interesting – Living on the Edge



    Lots of birds, that for sure :!:

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    Sure is a lot of birds, love #3, wonder if the geese will fall over the edge? :applause:

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    Birds? Or dust on your sensor?

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    I like #1 and #3. #2 don’t have that impact as #1. Actually you can see huge flock of birds every evening in Yishun. Probably mynas but still a huge flock. The only problem is they’re surrounded by HOM.

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