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    I would like to share this rare forest dragonfly which was first recorded in Singapore only in 2006 (accordingly to Mr Tan Hang Bun’s website). It is relatively large in size, spotted in Venus Drive at a waterless stream filled with lots of dry leaves and branches. It was not easy to get near and I could only manage some record shots.

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    Very nice dragonfly Anthony. Very colorful. Thanks for sharing.

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    wow those green eyes are lovely.



    What a lovely DF. Hope you can get an improvement shot of this DF soon.



    Wei Luen, D, SC,
    This dragonfly looks dull and grey in colour from a distance. But the macro lens helps to bring out the beautiful green on its eyes and body. This was at least the third time that I have spotted it but even then, I was not able to have a good shot. Will try harder next time as I know roughly where they like to perch :smile:

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