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    for those blur sotongs about hdr like myself,this might be a good read:

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    Hi Darren

    Interesting link … so have you tried your 1sr HDR ??
    the thing i like about HDR is that they made simple thing looks interesting …
    but different from the link that you post, i did all my HDR with 1 shot.
    i personally find that there is not much different using a single shot and multiple shot.
    The only difference i find is noise … single shot will produce more noise ( i think )

    What do others think? may be can share their experience here ?
    single shot or multiple shot ?


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    Thanks for the link Darren. Reading it now.


    The way I see it is this. Every manipulation you make to a shot (whether its brightness or contrast) will definitely "harm" the pixels after a certain limit. To get 3 shots from a single shot is "OK" with most properly exposed RAW files and where the extremes of the contrast range is not that much. If however, the difference between the shadows and the highlights is more than 2 stops, I definitely would recommend bracketing the shots for HDR rather than the single shot method.

    In a nutshell, too much pushing of a RAW file is also not an ideal way to go about post-processing. :smile:



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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