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    The guide is available from most major bookshop. Try PageOne in Vivo City, NPSS is having it’s exhibition
    there, you can check out the photos and get the book there too.
    For the bino, can try Lords at Lucky Plaza, look for Kelvin
    Or Max Photo at Centrepoint, look for Vincent. Tell him you are Richard’s friend.
    You can also buy a second hand 400mm, check out the buy/sell thread over at clubsnap.
    I think a general zoom would be 70-200 f4 or f2.8(heavy)

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    Thanks Richard, could kick myself as I was at PageOne in Vivo City yesterday over lunch to look at the NPSS picures (great pictures, but not convinced the Epson Prints do all of these great shots justice), so could have picked up one there easily :ashamed:

    check out the buy/sell thread over at clubsnap.

    Don’t understand – where do I find that please?

    Thanks for bino tips – will buy you a beer when we meet in person (goes for the others who have helped so much as well of course.

    Again, :cheers:


    Hi K,

    This is what Richard meant : http://www.clubsnap.com/forums/showthread.php?t=503412 You can get 2nd hand stuff there.

    Try to see if you can try out both the 100-400mm and 400mm f/5.6 to compare before you take the plunge.


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    Hi K,

    As someone who has both lenses, I like the 400mm fixed for the sharpness even at f5.6 (wide open) and the 1.4X TC attached, but tripod is a must for lower shutter speeds. The 100-400mm is good for general travel photography and big animals, degradation is noticeable with used with a 1.4X, but the IS is definitely useful at times.

    Note that with the 5D, and non 1-series canon cameras, both lenses cannot AF with the TC attached, and even with the taped pins trick, the AF will hunt, especially in non-bright lighting conditions. I’ve just about given up AF with the TC attached, and typically manual focus. :D


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    Hi K,

    Welcome to NPSS. Yes, these guys at NPSS are great & they are always willing to help. I have found everyone most helpful. My suggestion is that you join one of the groups that goes out shooting on weekends. In this way, you will learn alot and fast.

    Happy shooting and hope to see your 1st post soon.


    Peter Low

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