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    Recently my Nikon D200 body and zoom lenses were stolen on an overseas trip.
    I am now without a camera body and am hoping to get a Nikon replacement as I still have 2 sets of AF lenses (50mm and 105mm) and 1 DX lens (Tokina 12-24mm) left.
    I have thought of getting the D300S body and the Nikon 24-70mm lenses. However, I have been advised by the photography shop that I should just stick to the D700 and then shoot with the prime lenses from now on. At this time however, there has been rumours on a new D700 replacement (soon) though it might be even in mid 2010. On the other hand, I’m also concerned about bringing the full frame body and lenses as they are rather heavy for my built.

    Would any one have any advice on what to get or the experience of their cameras? My budget is around $5-6k for the body and the lenses.

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    Sorry to hear about your d200. Hope you can get your claim back soon.
    About your question, it will depend on your need and interest (bird/macro/LS/etc). But it won’t stop people from taking any picture with FX/DX camera. Someone is offloading his D3 for D3s. Maybe you can consider D3 for its built and performance.



    Hi Jopix,

    Sorry to hear about your loss & hope your insurance can cover at least part of this.

    The D300s is a great fit for all your existing lens and it’s a nice upgrade from your previous D200. The 24-70mm lens is huge, heavy and expensive. If you want a nice standard range zoom then something like the 18-200VRII or the 16-85VR might be a more portable and affordable choice.

    Anyway, all this equipment is really good quality so you can’t go wrong. Let us know what your intend to shoot, and then we’ll have a better idea.

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    Sorry about the eqpt and hope that insurance covers them sufficiently.

    As for the replacement eqpt, as Sherwoei and Con have suggested, if you are covering a specific range of subjects or genre of photography, that will dictate your next setup. Going full-frame does not mean anything really. A D300s with the right DX lenses will serve you for a long time and I do not at all agree that a all-prime-lens setup is the way to go. Zooms are made to an extremely high standard these days and I would have no qualms recommending them over primes.



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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your advice. Im more prone to shooting landscapes, travel and macro (if I join you all enough).
    I guess shooting while travelling would also mean other genres like portrait, architecture (as and when I see them) carrying around the camera and the heavy lenses.

    The reason for the consideration for the full frame camera was due to the 24-70mm lenses which I had wanted to buy for a long time.

    Thanks for your advice. Hope to get my body soon as well.

    P.S. : i didnt get the specific insurance for my cameras and lenses, but I had two travel insurance policies in place at that time – so can claim about $1.5k (at most). Now I am thinking of the AIG home insurance or Allianz. But I guess I will only deal with that after I get my bodies.

    Jolyn (from the recent nature photographic class)

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    Oh so its you Jolyn! :D :D

    1.5k is horribly low but of course its better than nothing. I would think that a D300s will be a great enough camera for you. The fullframes may not be worth it at all. DX lenses are great in quality and are affordable. Plus a D300s is more than good enough for alot of action shots so you got a good package there.

    Hope to see you out shooting and posting more! :razz:



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