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    KAE sent me an email on Friday asking me about the ISO performance of 7D. I decided to do a test for KAE. Scratching my head on where to do the test, finally decided to go to MOG.

    These 2 photos (ISO800 and ISO1600) are full frame uncrop. In camera Noise reduction set to standard and no noise reduction in post processing. No sharpening applied (usually sharpening will introduce noise). Originally, I told KAE that ISO1600 seem noisy to me, but now I change my mind. ISO1600 seems usable to me. For a 18M camera, the noise performance is quite good and is a big different from 50D. Now I am really looking forward to 1DMk4, with larger sensor and lower megapixel, the noise performacne should be even better than 7D.

    So, KAE get your wallet out and go for 7D!! :twisted:


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