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    Leonids meteor showers (Liu Xin Yu) is an annual event on middle of November, and this year, according to scientists’ broadcast, would be much more, nice, and spectacularly looking. So I went with three of my colleagues on Tuesday night (early morning of Wednesday) from 1:30am till 6:00am, to the Changi Coast Road to look for opportunity of getting a nice photo to record such a rare enounter. Result is quite disappointed as there are simply too much ambient light. Can’t really find any place in Singapore Island dark enough for such shots. The whole night, we saw about 30 plus flying meteors

    Attached is the only one that I can roughly recognize the flying meteor at the lower frame. Notice the bright ambient light effect at the left lower corner. :cry: :cry:

    Should go to some Ulu places in Malaysia next year for such shooting opportunity! :?


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    JG was open that whole night for this occasion.
    Too bad can go out to see such phenomenon because need to work early the next morning.

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    Really admire your dedication to the craft, going to shoot meteor in the middle of the night
    where everyone else is sleeping. :kudos thumbsup:


    wow…30 shooting stars?????? Did you manage to make any wish??? :P
    :kow tow: at your dedication…..I didnt hear about this phenomena – guess I wont be able to last even for 30 mins wait… :D


    Rey, Richard and PP,

    Thank for your viewing and comment!

    My wish was very simple and straightforward-Wish to get a good shot of it! That’s all!! :)


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