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    Hiya fellas,

    I arrived in Singapore two days ago from colddddd NZ (been away 14 years). Now I am feeling the heat and my body is still coping and adjusting. :cry: Thanks goodness my sister housed me in one her best aircon rooms.

    I was wondering if I can meet up with you wonderful people in one of your usual gatherings of "friends of similar interests". Is there a slide show on this weekend or an outdoor shoot?

    I will be in Singapore till Jun 30th before leaving for China.

    My S’pore mobile : 97782365. Txt me, call me, whatever … hopefully.

    Hope to catch up with you folks.

    Migratory bird on stopover

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    Hi Mr Birdie, a warm welcome back to Singapore. Just passby to say hello..
    I am sure you will find our birdies here for shooting together..enjoy and have a good time :smile: back home



    Hi Birdie,

    Welcome back. This weekends I will be away but next weekends will be possible.



    Will be out and about in my usual practice ground in Chinese Garden / Japanese Garden on sat morning….Be prepared for hot hot weather & no birds …..Havent got a single keeper shot yet from this place but still, this is my favorite place for being most accessible (for one without wheels…. :D) . MRT – Green line – Chinese Garden.

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    Hi SC, next week I will be busy shooting my nephew’s wedding, which was why I was back besides seeing my 90-yr mom who just survived a near fatal illness and got a new lease of life (it’s a miracle!).

    Peacceful dove, do you shoot at the Mandai orchid garden? I remember it was a nice place. Last Feb (2008) during a brief stopover, I went to the Zoo to shoot birds … but co-incidentally my lens caught a baby orang utan which hung itself on a rope! My old photojournalistic instinct told me that it was a news picture that cannot go unprinted so I got that published in the Straits Times and some other papers as well. That happened a week after Ah Meng’s death.

    Anyway see how it goes.


    Mandai Orchid Garden is a nice & neat place – sure place to get sunbirds & spiderhunters :kudos thumbsup:

    I dont frequent MOG because the public bus journey takes way too long – the direct bus (~10mins thereabout) from Marsiling MRT to MOG & Zoo only operates on Sunday and public holidays. But if you go there, i am sure you will meet one or two photographers there as well…..popular place…….Good luck. Another easy and popular place with bird photographers is Botanical Garden….

    :sad wave: about the baby orang utan…read the news too.

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    mostly garden birds peaceful dove. i still remember the little spiderhunters which frequent the ginger flowers, amongst other.
    thanks BEE 4 d welcome. hope you take plenty of bird piccies..

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    wow, very hot lah. better stay in shopping makan and play internet leh.
    wau lau jurong point very big mall leh. i think, hor, biggest in singapore leh!

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