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    Just want to share this moon shot i took last December 9. :smile:

    Canon 40D, 1/80, Manual,F/11, 400 mm with 2x extender, ISO 200, Tripod.

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    nice one Ally, the oval shape…now seeing the partial moon it makes me feel like seeing the full moon. ;)

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    Hi Ally,
    Solid moon shot. Really like the details.

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    Still pretty much details even with a 2X TC. :o
    Think it will be better to have a full moon view. :roll:
    But… still prefer to see some Birds or macros from you. :nodding:

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    Nice one! Shooting the moon when it is either a crescent or a gibbous (as it is in) will give much more depth to it as there are shadows and one can make out the craters. If a full moon was shot as Rey suggested, the details will be lost… :o




    Sorry for the late reply.

    @Darren – Thanks for viewing and comments :smile:

    @Wei Luen – Thanks. I like the details on this compare to my full moon shot. The sky is also is very cleant when i shoot this one

    @Rey – I was fortunate to have a clean skies so even 2x still sharp. I found birding is very hard compare to macro :razz: I miss shooting macro and birding with you. Hope we can go out shooting again.

    – Yup i agree. I heard this before also that oval shape has more details than full. Thanks for viewing and comments. Glad you like it. 8-)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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