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    The Singapore Hotel Association Inter-Hotel Athletics Meet is an annual event for hoteliers.
    This year is my 2nd attempt at sports photography (last year was my first try).
    Didn’t really do very well, only a handful of pictures that were more memorable.
    Canon 20D 400mm f5.6. ISO400 f6.3 1/400.
    Belly flop.

    Canon 40D EFS 55-250mm. ISO400 f10.0 1/320 at 116mm
    Leading from experience?

    Canon 40D EFS 55-250mm. ISO400 f10.0 1/320 at 250mm
    ??? no comments :)

    Hope you guys can enjoy these pics :D

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    Exploring new genre in photography.
    Some nice actions you’ve got.

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    I like those head-on shots tele shots of a few runners sprinting. The tele would compress the apparent distance between runners (making it tighter), and typically also have the BG quite far (and blurred). Can try to position yourself to take those shots?



    no feathers, i dont know how to comment…. :P . But your choice of subjects in action are still hmmm….very interesting. :P

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    Nice attempt Richard. Did you volunteer for this or did you get volunteered? :D :P :D

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    Hi Richard,
    I would be more interested in those pictures taken by your colleagues showing you running on the track. :P

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    Rey, Luenny, HB, PT, PP,
    Thanks for viewing. I volunteer to shoot for them last year, this year was asked to "volunteer" again by my boss. How to say no?
    When I shoot I try to look for more than the usual action shots,
    HB, my days of running are over lah :D :D

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    nice attempt..wish for some motion bur to convey movement. ;)

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    Nice action series. For sports, you will need a fast lens to freeze action as well as to get smooth background. Of the many lens that I have tried on sports, 70-20mm F/2.8 rules.

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    I like your latest series more. The long jumper is a great shot, now to use a shallower DoF, and go ‘machine-gun’ mode :D

    I agree with Ming on the brighter lens, much faster AF as well.


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    D, Ming, PT,
    Thanks, I need the 70-200mm f2.8 but it’s out of my budget now. :D
    I only got a budget 55-250mm. AF is slow and only when I go machine gun mode I
    can hope to get a few good pictures.

    D, I did try to create some motion blur with slower speed, but results not good :cry:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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