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    Not girl lah :D
    Hi I like wildlife and i know many of my frens here love wildlife too, so this is for u guys ..nothing great here :P
    But i am happy to shoot them at such a close distance and i got to pat them.. :woohoo:

    The Western Grey Kangaroo is one of the largest kangaroos. It weighs 28-54 kg and its length is 0.84-1.1m with a 80-100 cm tail, standing approximately 1.3m tall. It exhibits sexual dimorphism with the male up to twice the size of female. It has thick, coarse fur with colour ranging from pale greyish-brown to chocolate-brown; its throat, chest and belly have a paler colour. It feeds at night, mainly on grasses but also on leafy shrubs and low trees. It has a nickname Stinker because mature males have a distinctive curry-like odour.

    The kangaroo lives in groups of up to 15. The males compete for females during the breeding season.[6] During these "boxing" contests, they would lock arms and try to push each other over. Usually, only the dominant male in the group mates.[4] The gestation period is 30-31 days, after which, the baby Joey attaches to the teat in the pouch for 130-150 days.[4]
    – copy and paste from WIKIPEDIA

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    the way #1 is taken looks a bit like a donkey…ok just kiddin…
    These kangaroos can give a forceful kick if they are not happy….pat cautiously. :(

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    Yo, Bro, thanks for the feedback.. :woohoo:

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