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    I have 20x Powerex 2700mA and I know how good these batteries are, sometimes after 3 or 4 weeks the batteries are still showing full. I bought another 2 packs (8x) of Powerex batteries 3 weeks ago (just before Fraser’s outing) to add to my "collection" but to my disappointment. these 8 could not hold charge for more than 3 days. I decided to call EastGear yesterday and complained about the batteries. They asked me to bring the batteries down for their technician to have a look. After passing the batteries to their technicians just now, in less than 2 minutes, they gave me 2 packs of new batteries and mentioned that there were batch problems.

    If you have recently bought Powerex 2700mA rechargeable batteries with date code 08-07 1W and have problem, you may want to bring your batteries to EastGear for exchange.


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    Thanks for the tip. I was contemplating getting a new set of batteries.


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    Thanks for the info SC,

    I quite like the product too. It really lasts a long time.


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    is Powerex much superior than Enelop rechargeable batts?? :?

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    is Powerex much superior than Enelop rechargeable batts?? :?

    Not sure about Enelop. But compare to Sanyo, yes.
    After using Powerex and Sanyo, I promised myself I will stick to Powerex and not any other brand. The gap is BIG.

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    thanks Hwee Boon. I might give Powerex a try after all the endorsements here. ;)

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    Thanks for the info. I have quite a lot of 2700 mA POWEREX batteries, but I cannot find the date code on any of them :huh what:


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    I use PowerEx Imedion, rated at 2100, but it can hold charges for a very long time, very much like Enelop.

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    Big fan of Powerex …. very long lasting and reliable ….. nice to know that EastGear can give ‘after sales service’. Thanks.


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    Thanks for the update SC. I have changed almost all my 2700s to the Eneloops and Imedions. The ability to hold their charge even after a few weeks is a big plus for me. BUT the 2700s are definitely more powerful and is my choice if I need to shoot on a regular basis.



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