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    Yeo, Wee Han

    Hi all,

    Here’s ST #2….not really a shooting one but its so useful that I just had to share this.

    Most of us carry tripods and some of us use straps. I got an Optech strap many years ago but its a pain to use. Everytime I needed to use the tripod, I had to unbuckle the bottom clips. The strap was well-padded but that also meant that it got in the way at times esp when spreading the legs wide open to go flat on the ground. I gave up after a while.

    Bob Krist (Nat Geo) had a great DIY strap and from the attached pics, I guess its really self-explanatory. I did it to both my tripods when I went to China and had my bigger 3541 done up too. I just sling it over my shoulders and go off on my bike. It will also come in really useful for the coming Mersing trip as we will need both hands to be holding onto the ropes for reaching the locations, etc. If you find that the legs spread open while carrying them, just have a rubber band around them, those thick yellow ones work superbly.

    Material needed:
    1) Gaffer tape (these are expensive but you can buy the smaller rolls). Its not cloth or duct tape which is more glossy and will leave a very sticky residue when used in hot weather for long periods.

    2) 2 carabiners: I prefer the slightly larger ones as they feel more secure.

    3) A strap from any shoulder bag. You can get Lowepro laptop bag straps which are really comfy! I just took one from an old laptop bag.

    The last pic is not about the strap but notice my remote release has got yellow tape. I tape all my cables with bright colour tape. That will allow easy locating if you drop them onto grass patches. I have my Arca-size Allen keys taped up too as I was once searching for a dropped Allen key for 15mins! So yellow tape on cables, allen keys or any small stuff that can be easily lost in the field.

    Hope this 2 tips are useful somewhat.

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    that’s a great idea – have been toying with the idea on how to diy a sling on the tripod……..information just came right on time as i am about to throw away the strap of an old compu bag….better save it!

    :doh_alamak: should have read this thread before i returned a nice gentleman’s gaffer tape …..(thanks)… :twisted:

    thanks for the yellow tape tip….i have already lost my all-black color remote trigger…. :cry:


    That’s a nice tip. I, have a DIY sling for my monopod / tripod.
    I use a velcro strap and a key ring. One end of the strap is attached to the
    tripod’s ring and the other to the velcro. The thing I like about this is,
    you can remove and hook on to another tripod easily.

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    Yeo, Wee Han


    Great idea but the velcro will slide up and down the legs right?




    Yes the velcro can slide up and down the leg, but wouldn’t slide lower than the lock.


    Hi Han,

    Thanks for the great tips.


    Peter low

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