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    Hi all,

    If a tripod load capacity is given in the specs as 8kg and the ballhead load capacity is given in specs as 40kg,
    does it mean if this tripod is paired with this ballhead, one can get a max capacity of 48kg??

    Thanks in advance for any advice.:)

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    Hi Darren …

    sometimes i am also quite confuse by the word (Max Cap)
    is it the max weight of equipment ?

    IMHO …if u r refering to the max weight of equipment then i will say its still 8kg ..
    the tripod can withstand 8kg, anything more than that the legs might not be stable
    or will cut short the lifespand of the legs due to additional stress ..

    so now ppl will ask, y i need a Markin M10 ballhead that can withstand a good 40kg
    on a Gitto tripod that can take 8kg and my equipment is only about 3kg ? am i over-spec my ball head ?

    What i think is that for a Macro Shooter we have our flash brackets and for Avian Shooter or ppl that do sports
    the camera need to be swing from 1 angle to another, our equipment will not be Perpendicular to the base of the ball head so the force on the ballhead will be greater then the actual weight of the equipment ( is Kg = Kgf ?? ) …

    so after so much that i hv type, my little conculsion is this
    Max Cap of the Tripod = Max Weight of Equipment that is going to ride on it.
    Max Cap of Ball Head = Max Kilogram Force that it can take before loosing its grip..

    again, i might b wrong about this ..




    The weakest link rules (unfortunately). :P If your tripod can only take on 8kg, you will be limited by that although your Ballhead can handle higher load.


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    Thanks guys, just realised my own thinking regarding this matter is not very logical. :cry:

    WS, well analysed and the distinction you made at the end might be right!

    SC, think you’re right too.

    Still, hope to hear some more views… ;)

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    A heavier head will only add to the load of the tripod so if you have a 2kg head on a tripod that can only support 8kg, then you are THEORETICALLY left with only 6kg for eqpt.

    It is only accurate in theory as the load capacity of tripods were reputated to be done with the legs unextended. Once they are extended, the numbers drop. When I rec tripods, I typically just use half the specified load capacity as the numbers to go by.

    IMHO, the load capacity of a ballhead will also gauge how good it is locking the setup at a tilted angle.



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    Han,thanks for the tip re: 1/2 load capacity.

    And also I guess the tripod and ballhead capacities are 2 separate issues then. :razz:

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