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    Found this rather large spider wandering around noon today at Mt Faber. Is this the Singapore Tarantula? I was just standing over it for the shot.


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    Nice find of a black colour Tarantula.

    The one I saw at Venus Dr. was brown in colour.
    Hopefully you don’t mine I share my photo below :smile:


    Thanks Allan for the ID. I don’t mind your posting at all. In fact that is a much better shot than mine. I was worried as this fella is restless and keep moving about, so whenever I move in, I took quick shots, thus quality suffers. Are their venom lethal?

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    Wow, you guys are so lucky to spot these. Large spiders like these have been on my wish list for the longest time already but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. :cry:

    I’m not entirely sure but I don’t think their venom can kill you.

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    very nice find. A mature male, which is why you were fortunate enough to see it out in the open (possibly wandering around searching for a mate – females and immatures hide away and are seldom seen). Mature males of the Singapore tarantula tend to be darker than females, and individuals can show considerable variation in colour too, but even so, yours shows a very unusual colour.

    Allan’s photo is of a typical female or immature.

    Their venom is practically harmless to people.



    Thank you John for sharing your expertise on this tarantula. Next time I’ll move in closer for the shot.

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    Good find Richard.

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    Hullo Richard,
    I have been taking a while to ID your greyish-black male ‘tarantula’. As it has leg spurs it cannot be a true tarantula.
    It is most likely to be a male Darmarchus workmani of the Family Nemesiidae, a family of spiders somewhat distantly related to tarantulas. This species is reasonably common in less-disturbed, forested areas but most people never notice them.
    The photo posted by NatureTTL IS a true tarantula. It is the common brown Singapore tarantula currently with the name Phlogiellus inermis.
    best wishes,

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    Tarantula’s venom has not known to kill anyone. It’s hair defence too is not lethal. Sg tarantula by tarantula societies are considered rather aggressive. Chances of survival of Ts in the wild is slim. Those kept as pets tend to live much longer. So this is quite an unusual find. Was it after the rain that you shot this? Chances are it’s male because they tend to look around for a mate. Females live much longer than males. 20 yrs is common. Some species live to 30. I’m not an expert but just fascinated with spiders.


    Thank you Rey, David and Yendirna for the ID. I am never too keen to shoot spider, sort of phobia. When I see this huge monster crawling, I prefer to stay my distance. This shot is taken on a dry day up Mt Faber on the path below the Merlion.

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