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    Hello. :applause:
    This was um..a effect created by an object dropped onto water. :?
    Well,i used a dough(actually ,yes) and dropped into a bowl of water.
    Do give some tips on how to make it better :razz:

    Camara Model -PENTAX K10D

    ISO Speed -800

    Exposure Time-1/125sec.

    Focal Length- 100mm

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    Nice try here. You did well to freeze the droplets but I would love them more frozen. To freeze fast movement like this, you will be entering the realm of high speed flash or high speed photography. I would suggest at least 2 more flashes and at low power (manual mode for the flashes) and fire them to freeze the droplets. When the flashes are your main light, the shutter speed should be your camera’s sync speed.

    The light green surrounding area is also distracting and I would love a clean white instead. The white can be achieved by using a clean glass bowl and placing it on a piece of white acrylic and firing a flash from the bottom of the acrylic. That will give you some nice backlight. I would love to also see a "same height" view of the splash…meaning you have to get down lower and parallel to the waterline. You will however need to fill the bowl to the brim with water to avoid seeing the edge of the glass bowl.

    There are some who have gone a step further by placing images or brightly coloured objects behind the droplet so that the refraction causes the objects to be seen within the droplets. The object will of course need at least another flash to light it.

    Right now, I would suggest that you improve on the shooting angle first before trying the rest. Hope to see more from you!



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