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    Taken quite a while but havent able to confirm its ID – Is this a olive-backed sunbird – male -eclipse plumage or juv of something? :huh what: :? ?
    Shot in Heliconia walk, SBG.
    _LPP7208NX _2009-06-27_145.jpg

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    Hi PP,

    It seems to be female juvenile of Olive-backed sunbird to me.


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    cute juve, not sure of ID, but think it’s a juve Olive Backed

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    Cute sunbird.


    thanks guys….i must have been so rusty now that i can’t id common birds even… :cry: .

    good excuse to get out on the fields more! :woohoo:

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    Juvenile Crimson Sunbird. Blackish malar strip and black undertail. Olive-backed sunbird has much more white in undertail.

    Kok Hui


    Kok hui – many thanks for the additional information & correction of the id – I will add these information into my field guide for future reference!

    i was confounded by the blackish malar, but couldnt (wouldnt) even thought to match it to crimson sunbird since it looked so different… :doh_alamak: :oops:

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