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    This morning i went to Lim Chu Kang Jetty and saw these armor fish being trapped in the net. Thought they were dead, but saw motion when i use a straw to touch them. I spend quite a while to free them as they’re entangled in the net. Wonder why those fisherman just couldn’t be bother to let them go. I was tempted to use a scissors to destroy the net.

    Oh ya, can someone identify the common and scientific name of these Armored fish?

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    these are horseshoe crab, have been around for 300 million years.
    their blood are blue and are used for medicinal purposes.

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    Hi benyau,

    Welcome to NPSS.
    Hardly see these horseshoe crabs (Limulus polyphemus) nowadays.


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    Hi Richard,
    You can ask Dr Hsu to ID them. Email hsu_chia_chi@hotmail.com.
    Thank for saving them. We need to have conservation education to fishermen.

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    hi benyau,
    thanks for the effort to release the horseshoe crabs…well done. :)

    Think the one caught in the net could be



    Hi Ben Yau,

    Welcome to NPSS website and thank for sharing the information with NPSS.


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    Hi all thanks for welcoming me and for the IDs.

    The place seem so polluted, saw wild dog munching on some dead carcass and two dead horseshoe crabs. Not sure if the garbage are drifted from the Kellong nearby. It actually look quite unsightly.

    dog munching on dead animal

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    Horseshoe crabs, used to see plenty of them at Changi during high tides when I was a kid. Their numbers have dwindled somewhat though, hope these living fossils stay around for another few hundred million years and beyond :peace: .


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    Wow, thanks for sharing and thanks for freeing the crabs. :kudos thumbsup: :kudos thumbsup: :kudos thumbsup:

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    Great job saving these animals. There are only 4 species of living Horseshoe Crabs in the World and 2 can be found in Singapore. is the smaller one with a smooth tail, while (the one you saved) is larger with a serrated tail.

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    Welcome to NPSS.
    Great job releasing them. :nodding:
    Thanks for sharing this.

    Also to Kok Hui for those infos. :kudos thumbsup:

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