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    My photo seems too big to be uploaded.
    Any way to make the file smaller other than cropping?

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    What image editing software are you using?

    For posting, you need to resize (not crop) the image to a max if 800pixels on the longer side. Then, save the file, making sure the size does NOT exceed 175kbytes, this is typically done by setting the jpeg quality up or down, and try to hit as close to 175kb as possible, so as to ensure minimal requirements, and maximal quality/details retained.

    If you are using photoshop, there should be a ‘save for web’ under the menu->file to help you estimate the file size when you change the quality level of jpeg.


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    to make it simple specially for those who don’t have adobe
    you an option. you can use paint.

    first open the paint >> click file >> then open.
    choose an image >>click image >>choose stretch/skew (ctrl+w).
    adjust the horizontal and vertical >>ok

    automatically the size will decrease

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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