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    When we were about to die, that’s when I was shooting pictures
    -Michael Nichols



    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for the link, some great photos at this link, higly recommended.

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    Hi Darren,
    Thanks for the link – well actually I’ve read the article before because this guy’s my idol next to Brandenburg. Anyway, the link reminds me that I should shoot my photos the way I like it instead of trying to copy other people’s style.

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    yeah, Luenny, got to develop your own ‘signature’ style. ;)

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    Thanks for sharing the link Sleepycat.
    Some foods for thought.

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    Hi Sleepycat,(why u very sleepy meh? kidding), thanks for the link, is interesting and must have mean something to readers after reading them,i believe.
    For me, i think Nick is a lucky chap he has a mission in life and surely he is leading a life out there
    as a wildlife photographer.. I wonder why i take nature photograpy for what, i cant make a living out of it
    and my photo dun show much purpose, so .. am i just to kill time or maybe to showoff that.. at least i can
    take some decent pics..i hope my heart will tell me one day..maybe provide me a reason to carry on.. yo not important lah, now i like it what, i love nature like everyone else here.
    So, move on.

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    Hi Bee,Nick was one of the few staff photographers at NG while most of them are freelance.Well, his life is the envy of a lot of people but you do need a lot of commitment and talent for that kind of career….For eg, can an average person spend months in the thick forest of Congo and still carry on as per normal…I think it takes an exceptionally driven and determined individual to accomplish such a thing. As for nature photography, just do it becos one likes nature and photography so naturally the two will blend together. Nature is full of beauty, intelligent design and surprises, so its a source of endless wonder. Even if one cannot make a living out of it, it ultimately should not matter, at least to me.

    Now a bit sleepy:)

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    Nick Nichols is one dedicated wildlife photographer. I have a VCD somewhere about the Nat Geo photographers and the "torture" he got at the jungles was horrifying….plenty of worms embedded in the skin is not something I would like.

    IMHO, it is very much possible to make a living doing nature photography in the States as compared to SG. You can be switching from macro to landscapes from week to week without hitting a wall. It does not help us that landscapes is the top-selling faucet of nature photography. However, if we do not expect any monetary returns in nature photography, we will all enjoy the process itself, be it whether we got a keeper at the end of the day or not.

    Let’s just go out and enjoy ourselves.



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    Yo Bros here, making a living is not a purpose here of course, rather finding a meaning to do anything in life is important.
    In a deeper meaning, Nick has a mission for him in life,and he must accept the process in it including tedious situations, for a reason, he love the job. I just hope to i dun lose faith as life pauses me at times. But small matter lah, the link is very interesting is more important, and i learnt something.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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