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    Guys, if u have d money to choose on Nikon D80 and D90, which one will u buy especially for noobie ? Why? :?

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    I will go for D90.

    1. newer model
    2. 12.3 MP vs 10 MP
    3. CMOS vs CCD
    4. 4.5 fps vs 3 fps
    5. Live view available
    5. LCD 3" & 920,000 pixels vs 2.5 & 230,00 pixels
    6. same sensor as D300

    You can refer to this for more info.

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    Thanks Rey for the reply. Will keep posting once I switch to D90. :D

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    Hmmm…actually I would think that (if your budget is limited like the rest of us) is that you should proritise your purchases. If you lack a long macro lens, a stable tripod setup, a second flash or a macro bracket, then I would invest in all these first. An upgrade in cameras does not really help in macro work.

    Of course, the above will be a little off if you are going for birds…but then hey, put that money into a longer lens before a camera. :D



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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