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    Shot this very unusual white damselfly this afternoon. First time coming across this damselfly. Will appreciate an ID.



    Hi Richard,

    If I am not wrong, this white damsel should be a Juvenile, male Copera marginipes [Yellow Featherlegs, 黃狹扇蟌]. When it matures, it would turn into yellow in colour like the one below which I captured it at Segar Road. Not an easy damsel to get close. Where did you shoot this damsel? Venus drive? I spotted one there too but didn’t manage to get a good shot.

    See this link for more info:
    http://www.greenunity.net/odonata/speci … marginipes" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;"

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    Thank you Anthony. This particular damselfy is from Chestnut Drive.

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