Cape Robin-Chat (Cossypha caffra) 黄喉歌鵖

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    One of the most common bird in SA, but I don’t find it annoying. It is better looking than our Myna and armed with a good voice too.

    Pic 2 has an unnatural element I have to apologize, but I find it quite interesting, as it was trying to get an easy lunch from the Mercedes. According to one north american member in our group, there are birds in the states having the same sort of behaviour.

    cape robin chat.jpg
    cape robin chat2.jpg
    cape robin chat.jpg

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    On both counts, looks and voice, it sure beat our mynas. Nice shot, esp #1.



    This bird sure look much better than our Myna.
    Like #1 best


    Hi Chew and Peter, Thanks for viewing and comments.

    Tan, Timothy

    Hi ST,
    I like image #1. Where did you take this shot? It appeared the bird was tagged on one leg.



    Hi Tim,
    Yes, I noticed that. This was outside our lodge. Apparently, some work was done to monitor the population.

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