Sociable Weaver (Philetairus socius) 群织雀

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    On day 8, we leave Namaqualand and enter the stark beauty of Bushmanland. The massive nests of the Sociable Weaver become more apparent. These nests are huge and some are said to weigh in tonnes. It must be true, as some of the electrical posts that the weavers build their nests have already toppled. Other natural nesting sites are huge strong trees, such as the Acacia. There are many chambers in the nest and other birds of prey such as Pygmy Falcon and Owls uses these chambers as their nest too. The weavers somehow tolerate their presence to fend off many predators, even though the Pygmy Falcon do at times prey on the weavers.

    The yellow background of the second pic is the yellow line of the tarmac, somehow it contain the weaver nicely within the band. Haha..


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    Hi ST,

    Another nice series from your SA trip.
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    Hi AS,
    Thanks for viewing.

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