Forest Dameselfy III – A closer look at Prodasineura Notosti

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    This is the same species that posted by Allan yesterday. Although not commonly seen, it is actually a common forest damselfly that can be found in slow moving streams. I saw one at Rifle Range Nature Trail and a mating pair at Venus Drive but didn’t manage to have a decent shot. Saw it again yesterday at Seletar Reservoir Park and this time I was luckier to have some close-up shots. C & C are most welcome.

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    Glad to see that you managed to nail some nice shots, Anthony. :kudos thumbsup: That species is always at that location, so you can always go back there to shoot more. I encountered a mating pair there too.

    Nice to have met up with you. :cheers:


    Nice to meet you at Seletar Reservior yesterday and thanks for leading me to the stream where I photographed this damselfly. After I left the Reservior, I went to Upper Pierce Reservior to locate the Woodcutter Trail that I asked you about. Found it but decided to turned back after 10 mins into the forest as, like you had advised me, it is a little risky to explore it alone. Hopefully I can find some kakis to explore this place with me. Also went to Riffle Range Nature Trail and found the stream that you mentioned. Saw a few damselfly species here and I would explore this place further next time.

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    Hi Anthony

    Interesting DF.


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    What a nice looking Damsel with a clean b/g.
    The reflections on the eyes take out some points.

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    Hi Anthony,
    Wow, looks like you’re the forest damsel expert now. :kudos thumbsup:



    Good catch of the forest damselfly. So which is the real BG in #1 and #2? :P



    Peter – Thanks for your comment.

    Rey – Agree with you on the reflection of the eyes. I usually try not to use flash for damsel or dragonfly but for this case, I decided to do so due to shooting under low light condition.

    Wei Luen – After realising that there are so many uncommon subjects that can be found in our Nature Reserves, I am currently enjoying exploring the limited nature trails that we have. One of my targets this year is to collect forest damselflies and dragonflies and I am happy with the collection so far.

    SC – Both are real BG. I just shifted the camera a little and I was surprised myself that I could achieve a totally different BG. I don’t bring colour papers along with me but after seeing Darren applying it recently for a wasp image, I may consider doing so soon ;)

    BTW, do you find the focus on the eyes in #1 is a little off?

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    BTW, do you find the focus on the eyes in #1 is a little off?

    hi Anthony,
    very glad to hear you are enjoying yourself so much. :)
    #1 the eye is a bit soft…#2 is much better.
    IMHO you can try cloning off one of the reflections.
    The wide view is also quite awesome.


    Thanks for your suggestion, Darren. Noted about the softness of the eyes in #1, I also thought likewise. I will try to clone away one of the reflections as per your advice.

    I used to stay in a kampong and so it brings back my childhood memories when I ventured into nature trails especially when I come across streams or "longang" that fills with fishes :smile:

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