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    I was looking for subjects to shoot at a stream in Venus Drive when I suddenly saw something “flying” from a big tree to a tapioca branches. I was quite far away and it looked like a changeable lizard from that distance. A closer look revealed that it was the popular GCL that most of us are searching for. The GCL landed on top of the branches and my fully stretched tripod could not reach it. The overcrowding leaves also obstructed my views and it was difficult to find an opening. So I had to wait for the GCL to come down. While waiting, I observed that the GCL was very sensitive to movement i.e. each time when the wind brew causing the branches to shift from one direction to another, the GCL would move to a new location on another branches. Eventually it came down to a position low and close enough for me to shoot. Being short, I had to tip-toe to reach the viewfinder which was placed on the fully stretched tripod (I do not know how to use the live view yet). Following Rey’s advice, I took several shots using full flash to get a dark background. I got the shots I wanted although certain parts of the GCL were not in focus. The wind blew again and the GCL was gone. But don’t worry, there is always the four attempts …. Both images uncropped. C & C are most welcome.

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    Wow .. lovely GCL.
    You should consider buying some TOTO today. :twisted:


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    Hi Anthony,
    Very nice. Love the one on black. Looks like you’re a regular at Venus already now.



    Good to see this nice lizard again. I think you need to spent more time to clean the BG in #1. ;) Your shutter speed may not be fast enough as I believe there are still ambient light being picked up.


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    Nice to know that you really want to try my suggestions getting this GCL with a black b/g. :nodding:
    Congrats for finding it again. :kudos thumbsup:
    Pretty good try here to get a dark b/g but as SC had mentioned, your Shutter is not that fast enough to get rid of the ambient light. But as you’ve said, there’s always a next time.
    Meanwwhile, you can do some clean up on #1 b/g. :peace:


    Sherwoei – I may consider buying 4D this weekend ;)

    Wei Luen – Yes, I have a lot of time in VD for the past 2 months. Love this place, lot of surprises :nodding:

    SC – I’m using the normal cloning tool and I know I had done a very lousy job in cloning off some of the leaves. Still not familiar with your other methods (eg, using layers) you taught us not too long ago.

    Rey – Point noted on setting a faster shutter speed to get rid of the ambient light. I try to redo the bg in #1 :nodding:

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    Nice GCL shot!

    As to cleaning the BG, there is another way, that is to select the GCL and paste it on a black BG. Esp if the BG is too messy to clean up.


    CY – This is the original image without cleaning the bg. Please advice what is the best way to do it? Thanks :smile:

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    Anthony,if I get an adult gcl portrait like #1 I’ll be really happy, whatever the bg.


    I am sure you will get one this year! What to bet ;)

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    Did a quick and dirty job.

    Using CS4: use the quick select tool to select the GCL.
    Zoom in to select the edges (crudely)
    Copy selected GCL
    Create new image and paint it black with brush tool
    Paste selected GCK on black pic
    Flatten image
    Save image.

    If no quick select tool, can use the magic select and touch up with other select tools.

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    CY – That was fast and very nicely done :kudos thumbsup: I am using CS3, will try out your method. Many thanks!

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    Hi Anthony

    Nice captured again. :smile:


    Yan Leong


    Yan Leong,
    Thanks for your feedback again :smile:

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