Orange-spotted Bulbul (Pycnonotus bimaculatus) 橙斑鹎

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    orange-spotted bulbul.jpg
    orange-spotted bulbul.jpg

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    Thanks for sharing this bulbul which is my first time see it. I like #2 than #1. But the orange spot seen burnt in my screen.

    C T

    Yeo, Wee Han


    #1 suffers a little from motion shake (could be the subject since the perch is sharp) and if you fired on motordrive, perhaps another frame will work better.

    #2 is nice but a little too centered for my liking.

    Great exposure on both images. The orange as CT has mentioned is a little burnt but for me personally, it is small enough that I am not bothered by it. :smile:




    Noted with thanks.

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