Quarter 2 Theme: Nature in Motion (Results)

Landscape Category

1st Place: Yeo Wee Han

At Southern Iceland, the black sand beach was throwing up huge winter waves and

I laid flat on the ground, capturing every incoming wave, in hope that a huge explosive burst will happen. 

While peering through the viewfinder, a flock of unknown birds way in the distance was entering the frame.

Stabilizing the setup as best as I could, I waited till the flock was within the rock stacks

before triggering off. It was pure luck as a huge incoming wave contrasted with the seemingly peaceful movements of the birds.

2nd Place: Ng Kah Soon

3rd Place: Tan Chuan Yean

4th : Chung Wan Ling

5th : Quek San Huat

6th : Guek Peng Siong

7th : Chan Wai Meng

8th : Sim Yi Lin

9th : Lim Chien Hin

10th _Partha Pratim Roy

Underwater/Macro Category

1st Place: Quek San Huat

Golden Gem (Libellago lineata) is a rare damselfly in Singapore as it has only been recorded at a stream in Mandai forest and

Lower Pierce Reservior. After mating, the female would perch on nearby floating log to lay

eggs by submersing its abdominal tip into the water. I like the surrounding running water in this image which gives a sense of motion!

2nd Place: Edsel Romero

3rd Place: Mok Wai Hoe

4th : Lee Chin Loon

5th : Sim Yi Lin

6th : Tan Tze Siong

7th : Tan Chuan Yean

8th : Katherine Lu

9th : Yow Weng Faat

10th : Lim Chien Hin

Avian/Wildlife Category

1st Place: Tey Boon Sin

After crossing river, a herd of elephants did their dust bathing before going up the slope, which create a dusty environment.

This is the only elephant that “bath alone”.

2nd Place: Loke Peng Fai

3rd Place: Jayaprakash Bojan

4th : Mok Wai Hoe

5th : Lim Sheau Torng

6th : Bjorn Olesen

7th : Ong Zhen Quan

8th : Sim Yi Lin

9th : Lim Chien Hin

10th :Quek San Huat

Youth Category

1st Place: Han Xuan Yan

Was waiting inside the hide for hours before this osprey made it appearance.

Osprey usually glide in circle while looking for food. Once they spotted it,

they will dive down with high speed and plunge into the water to catch their prey. I am happy that i am able to witness

the entire process of this majestic bird catching a big fish.

2nd Place: Natalie Goh Wan Yi

3rd Place: Mark Chia

4th : Abigail Genevieve Tan

5th : Parathanath Sabu Vaishagh

Scoreboard as at end of Quarter Two

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Youth Section

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We would like to thank CANON Singapore for being the biggest sponsor, without whom, this competition would not have been possible.





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