Quarter 3 Theme: Creativity in Nature (Results)

Landscape Category

1st Place: Yeo Wee Han

Sitting on a quiet beach in Iceland, the huge summer waves was pounding the beach and was quite a sight in itself. With the normal wide angle landscapes in the bag, I switched to a long lens and laid down low on the beach. Zooming right into the waves, I could see hordes bubbles getting caught in the rushing waters. A slower shutter of 1/6 second turned them into streaks of wonder. It was as though a meteor shower was happening right within the waves.

2nd Place: Tan Chuan Yean 

3rd Place: Lim Chuan Kwee


4th : Chan Wai Meng


5th : Lim Chien Hin


6th : Quek San Huat


7th : Ng Kah Soon


8th : Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan


9th : Sim Yi Lin


10th : Li Mengguo

Underwater/Macro Category

1st Place: Lee Chin Loon

I love nature. Nature came in many colours, patterns and shapes, etc. The side view of an unopened leaf of the lotus plant form a beautiful heart shape.

2nd Place: Quek San Huat

3rd Place: Mok Wai Hoe

4th : Katherine Lu

5th : Tan Chuan Yean

6th : Lim Chien Hin

7th : Edsel Romero

8th : Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan

9th : Lim Chuan Kwee

10th : Loke Peng Fai

Avian/Wildlife Category

1st Place: Loke Peng Fai

I was tracking the little tern at Tampines River via the camera view finder. My heart sank when I saw the little tern turned its back against me and dived for food. Normally a bird facing away will not make a good picture. I decided to pan my camera to follow through the diving motion nonetheless.

When I checked the shot later I was pleasantly surprised to find the diving bird created an image resembling a X-wing Fighter. Nature probably has a better and creative idea.

2nd Place: Ong Zhen Quan

3rd Place: Lee Chin Loon

4th : Mok Wai Hoe

5th : Ng Kah Soon

6th : Lim Chien Hin

7th : Sim Yi Lin

8th : Bjorn Olesen


9th : Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan

10th : Tan Tze Siong

Youth Category


1st Place: Han Xuan Yan

Female Common Kingfisher dancing on top of the lotus flower. The lotus flower bloom open and it causes her to loss her balance hence she was trying to balance herself. I happen to be there to capture the entire process.

2nd Place: Natalie Goh Wan Yi


3rd Place: Parathanath Sabu Vaishagh

4th : Wang Ri Xin

5th : Andrew Seah Wei Ren

Scoreboard as at end of Quarter Three

Open Section

Open Section – Landscape Category

Open Section – Underwater/Macro Category

Open Section – Avian/Wildlife Category

Youth Section

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