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Once the theme is announced on the first day of the quarter, you have 3 months to submit images related to the theme.

Each participant can submit a maximum of 12 images per quarter (maximum 4 entries per category in Open Section).

If you are NPSS member, you will be able to participate in the contest for free by logging into your paid account.

If you are a member of the public, you have the option of signing up for a NPSS membership to enjoy the benefits of a member or pay an entry fee of S$20 per quarter.


The images will be judged by a panel comprising of industry professionals and nature photography experts.

Both the image and the write up will be taken into consideration so do pay as much attention to the write up as is for the image.


Winners will be notified via email after 6 weeks from the closing date. You will be requested to send us the original raw file to ensure that the competition rules have been met.

The top 10 images per category for the quarter will then be announced on the website.


Selection of the grand prize winners follows a championship scoring system (based on the top 10), where by the top entry per category per quarter gets 10 points, and the 10th place gets 1. Each participant can have only 1 shortlisted entry per category per quarter.

Entries that are not within the top 10 are not considered in the tabulation of grand prize.

The tip is to submit in as many categories and in as many quarters as possible to stand a bigger chance of winning the overall grand prize of S$3,000 and S$4,000 CANON e-Voucher.

Read more about the scoring system in the competition rules.


Read the rules before entering the competition and submitting images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions.


There are 3 categories 
1. Landscape
2. Avian/Wildlife
3. Underwater/Macro

The Open Section allows individual category competition. For the Youth Section, all images relating to landscape, avian, wildlife, underwater and macro will be compete against each other.

File-naming Requirement
Please make sure your files are renamed as such (wrongly named files will not be qualified) :

eg. Q1_AW_JohnDoe_01.jpg

  • Q1 = Quarter 1,  Quarter 2 = Q2, Quarter 3 = Q3
    * Category Codes : LS – Landscape , AW – Avian/Wildlife , UM – Underwater/Macro, YNP – Young Nature Photographer
    * Serial number starts from 01 and ends with 04 per Open category. (2 digits only) For the Youth Section, your serial number starts from 01 and end with 12.

Uploading of Images

Should you face issues with uploading, or slow upload speeds (usually on the last week of the submission), we suggest that you reduce the image sizes and/or split the submission into various forms.

* As of 06 Apr, we will be limiting the number of images per form to just 4. This is to facilitate a smoother uploading process for all. 


You have to create an account by signing up as a NPSS Member or as Public before submitting your images.

By signing up as an NPSS member, you get to enjoy free entry into the competition, and participate in our photography outings and events.

Ordinary Member (1 Year) : $50
Ordinary Member (3 Years) : $120
Senior Member (1 Year): $25
Senior Member (3 Years) : $60
Junior Member <21 years old (1 Year) : $10

By signing up as Public, you will get guest account that enables you to submit your images into the competition. This account expires at the end of the quarter and should you wish to participate in the next quarter, you will have to renew your account by making another payment of $20, and notify our secretary to reinstate your rights.

That makes it to a total of $60 for the entire competition. We highly recommend you to join us as an member to maximise your chances in the competition.

Main Organizer

Main Sponsor

We would like to thank CANON Singapore for being the biggest sponsor, without whom, this competition would not have been possible.

Supporting Partners



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